Barkley Business Services – providing a solution and a missing service to small businesses and start-ups.

In 2010 wanting the freedom of self-employment Anne Phillips started a bookkeeping and accountancy business in East Anglia. As clients businesses grew she started to provide legal services from her years of experience as a solicitor.

From her knowledge and understanding of the true financial and legal position of these fledgling businesses and now based in the East Midlands she saw how many were putting the future of their businesses at risk. To put it bluntly – ‘they did not know what they did not know’

Increasingly the businesses hit problems. No cash flow forecast led to them having no cash through poor planning. No contracts led to disputes as to what was agreed. No terms and conditions led to arguments with difficult customers. The list was endless.

As Barkley Business Services, Anne set to provide a solution and a missing service to small businesses and start-ups. A One Stop Shop offering practical professional help and guidance on those boring but essential legal and financial matters that if left could prove fatal for the young – or any- business.

Barkley Business Services offer what every small business needs and can afford. This is a range of services that can all fit together as we have the advantage of a full overview.

Please see Barkley Business Services website for a full range of services but these include:

Legal – contracts, setting up a company or other business structure, terms, and conditions, looking at any lease before you sign, advising on any legal rules applicable to your particular business.

Financial – setting up financial records, preparing cash flow forecast and management accounts

Business Plans – every business should have one and they are essential to acquire any financing.

Barkley Business Services aim to simplify these matters for you and do not try to make them dark and mysterious as every business owner will do better if they understand their own finances and legals. You can then be free to follow your skill and passion without fear of that nasty surprise.

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