Got something to SHOUT about?

Here are our 5 Top Tips to help you reach your audience!

In the UK in 2015 advertising expenditure was estimated at over 19 billion British pounds!

The strategies and marketing techniques at your disposal to engage with your prospective customers are almost as assorted and diverse as the people to whom you can market your goods and services.

Just like the audiences you’re hoping to target on Facebook and Twitter, there’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to any kind of promotional campaign.

Promoting is an ongoing challenge for any small business. Whether you’ve just started out or have been established for years.

So here are our 5 Top Tips to help you shout about your business and promote your services!

  1. Networking

Networking is a key marketing strategy for start-up and established businesses. It’s a great way to build relationships which will lead to collaborations, introductions and referrals.

Build your network and boost your business profile. Meeting people at networking events is the first important step towards building your professional network and reaching your client targets.

NBV Biz Ex Events bring a fresh approach to the networking scene and our exciting guest speaker programme is bursting with key information, hints, tips and advice to help you to stay current and “on trend” in your industry. Our networking events are FREE to attend!

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  1. Press Releases

A great way to grow your business and increase awareness is to use PR. Whilst placing advertisements in newspapers seems like an obvious place to start, this can be a costly exercise. Before going down this road, try creating a press release which is a great way to boost your business profile with minimal expenditure.

Hopefully, your press release should grab the immediate attention of the journalist you speak to and result in more interest = media coverage!

One final note; when speaking to the media or otherwise – make sure that your press release is not just an advert for your business. The media publishes news; therefore, it is important that your story is newsworthy.

  1. Exhibitions

Sometimes referred to as trade shows, exhibitions can be pricey, yet there are many advantages to exhibiting, and even just visiting Expos can be beneficial for your business. Expose and grow your brand further – these events are the perfect time to improve your brand’s reach and image whilst keeping an eye on your competition and checking out all of the latest trends in your business sector.

Participate in the seminars and events, make new connections and of course, have fun!

  1. Biz Ex Promotional Package

NBV Biz Ex Members get access to an exclusive Promotional Package free as part of the benefits package, giving them the opportunity to promote their business and the services they have on offer!

We offer our members the opportunity to list their business on our online business directory, write advertorials and editorials to feature in our newsletter and lots more!

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  1. Social Media

As the number of Social Media platforms and strategies are growing at such an incredible rate it’s easy for businesses to get confused and fall behind on marketing their business in 2017!

When it comes to posting information and messages on social media sites, consistency is key. Identify which social networks you will use for your brand. This is about appealing to the maximum number of potential customers, which means you may need them all! Plan how often you will post on your sites, whether it be 5 times per day or once a week, keep it consistent. Consider the tone of your channel and the language and imagery you will use.

Visual content is more than 40 times more likely to get shared on social media than other types of content. (Source: HubSpot)

Adapt your posts to each channel, eye-catching imagery for Instagram, short and snappy posts for Twitter, videos and engaging posts for Facebook and longer articles for LinkedIn.

A final tip, the 80/20 rule… Ensure you keep a good balance between interesting and engaging content and promotional/sales content on social media. To put it simply – People don’t use social media to be sold to. Keep it interesting, informative and well… social. Back away from the sales pitches.

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