We’ve featured some of the member benefits in the newsletter before so you know the value of your Biz Ex membership but how do you go about getting the most from your membership? In the first of a series of articles we talk about how to get the most from Biz Ex networking.

Love it or hate it networking is a key part of business life for hundreds of small businesses up and down the country – and it works. If it didn’t there wouldn’t be literally hundreds of groups available for you to go to!

But how do you get the most of the Biz Ex events – here’s our handy top tips:

1. Arrive on time. Biz Ex starts with networking over food so give yourself plenty of time to arrive, grab a plate and relax. You’ll be more relaxed ready to make those all-important conversations
2. Grab your delegate pack. Within the pack there is a list of everyone that’s coming along, if you’re an experienced networker this is your chance to plan some targeted networking with that key contact you think is a great fit for you.
3. Remember everyone’s there to network so don’t be shy! It’s uncomfortable to break into other people’s conversations but people have come along to meet new contacts so don’t be afraid to introduce yourself. If you’re unsure how to start a very simple question to ask is ‘how did you find out about tonight’s event?’
4. Don’t sell. It’s in everyone’s top networking tips but it’s always worth the reminder. Look to strike up conversations, listen and see how you might be able to help others.
5. Time for the main event. Biz Ex contains a (slightly!) more formal element so take your seat for our Guest Speaker and pick up some top tips from our experts.
6. Introduce yourself. Some people hate the round robin introductions for others it’s the highlight of the evening. Keep it brief and to the point so that everyone knows who you are and what you can do for them.
7. Ask questions, take notes and set actions. There is always time for questions so ask away or grab some time with the speaker after the presentation. Make notes of what was said and the tips you can use and make sure you Take Action when you get back to the office.
8. Network, Network, Network. After the main event they’ll be plenty more time to get to know the rest of the delegates. If you’ve listened carefully to the introductions there is bound to be someone who you’d like to connect with so make a beeline for them!
9. Follow Up. If you say you’ll email or call someone then make sure you do so. Get together and have that coffee, we’ve got some great stories of Biz Ex Members collaborating and working together – could you be next?