Member Profile – Luke Watts, RoundWorks IT
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Where is your business based?


Where do you cover?        

The whole of the UK

Tell us about your business…

We’re a brand new, modern managed IT services company based in Nottingham. Our priority is our clients and their IT systems. We’re a down to earth, friendly team who aim to please with what we do – you’ll rarely catch us without a smile on our faces!

We get involved with all aspects of IT for businesses and our market aim is Small to Medium enterprises. We offer a wide range of services yet don’t stray too far away from our main service – managed IT services and support for businesses.

We’re a simple and straight forward business, no lengthy contracts or hidden fees. We’re rather unique in the fact we have ridiculously quick response times to issues, no matter how big or small plus we’re open 7am-7pm weekdays. Each of our clients are assigned a dedicated member of staff to look after them, they become their Account Manager.

As a small business we have a unique Startup Package for startups and micro businesses, that’s highly affordable and very beneficial for new businesses. In your crucial early days of business RoundWorks IT will be there to ensure you remain connected, providing continued IT support as your business flourishes.

We’re a young company but don’t let that put you off – we have experience totalling a tad over 15 years on the front-line in IT for businesses similar to yours.

From day to day IT support for your business to modern day cloud computing services, we’ve got it all covered by our friendly proactive team at RoundWorks IT.

A full list of our services can be found at:


Phone: 0333 344 4645

Why did you become Self-Employed?

We (both Directors of RoundWorks IT) became business owners because of different personal reasons. There’s a few points we most definitely agree on which I’ll touch on below.

In such an industry you have to believe in what you’re doing, that’s very difficult if it’s somebody else getting you to do something you feel is not quite the right way of doing it. We became self-employed so we can really run our business as we want to. We can put our values as individuals at the forefront of the companies.

We enjoyed our time being full time employed and learnt a lot but we felt we needed a new challenge, so we decided to go it alone whilst we’re both still young. We would create a business which had our ideas, our methods and put them into practise. We like to look after customers so it feels extra good pleasing OUR clients and keeping them happy.

How long have you been in business?

5 months

What do you like about running your own business?

Everyone likes to do things their own way and it’s not different here. We like running our business our way. We’ll disagree on certain things as it’s normal to do so but in the end we will come to an agreement on what the best way of attacking the task ahead is.

It’s very rewarding when you pick up a new client because you know you did that through teamwork and as a collective. Everyone involved is equally rewarded for their efforts and it’s great for morale doing a good job.

We like the excitement in that every day is different, one minute you’re onsite tackling a server that’s down, the next you’re in a meeting with a potential client and the next you’re redesigning aspects of the website. It keeps you on your toes and on the move, your brain is constantly spinning as you’re coming up with new ideas on how parts of your business could be improved and tweaked.

Why did you decided to become an NBV Biz Ex member?

We decided to become a Biz Ex member down to the sheer amount of resources and talent at your disposal. We also know of NBV as we have worked alongside them for a fair few years in previous ventures.

Our decision was a no-brainer, it made perfect sense to approach NBV for help. We have been guided in all the right directions from various members of staff.

What do you enjoy most about the Biz Ex Networking events?

We enjoy the locations of the networking events and the topics on offer. We also enjoy the variety of businesses that attend the networking events; every person owns a business in a completely different sector.

There’s plenty of opportunity for creating business at Biz Ex events too, amongst good food and well planned events. It’s a pleasure attending Biz Ex events and we’ll be attending them far into the future.


If you’d like to know more about how the NBV Biz Ex membership can support your business, call us for an informal chat on 0844 887 2568*, email or visit

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