Valentine’s Day is expensive business across the UK with at least £1.6bn spent on gifts and treats for the occasion, it is estimated.

So here are our 5 top tips to save our members money on Valentine’s Day 2017…

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  1. Eat somewhere else. Romance means special. Our number 1 money-saving tip is: Stay out of the fancy restaurants and bring your Valentine’s Day celebration home. Set the table or simply make a cosy sanctuary in your home.
  1. Don’t pay double for your glass of bubbles. A really good bottle of Prosecco is just a fraction of the cost of Champagne. A sparkling white wine from Italy, Prosecco is not too sweet and goes down a treat!
  1. Don’t let your pocket hurt with dessert. The last thing you want on a romantic evening with your loved one is a heavy, stodgy dessert to weigh down the love! Our solution is also a cheap one: sorbet. It’s inexpensive and refreshing on the pallet and it can look quite pricey and exotic if you buy several flavors.
  1. Bag those tight buds. In a nutshell, look for flowers that don’t look good at the moment – they’ll blossom in a few hours and will stay that way for many days.
  1. Let it Burn. Let’s all face it, flames are sexy and set the mood. Set the romantic setting…. get a fire lit, whether it’s a fireplace or candles.

So there you have it, our 5 top tips to save money this Valentine’s Day!

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