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Mediabox Productions

Mediabox Productions is a creative digital agency specialising in professional video production, video marketing, animation, website design, graphic design and motion graphics based in Nottingham.
Our Nottingham based studio offers full production and post-production editing facilities, green screen filming, broadcast voice overs and media training. We have over twenty years knowledge and experience and our directors have worked for the BBC, Channel four, ITV and SKY TV. We help our clients to showcase their business. products and services through effective digital marketing. Our clients include the NHS, Skills Holidays, Nottingham Forest football club and the British Council. We work with all sizes of companies from small to medium independent businesses to large corporations. Our friendly team of cameramen, editors, producers and directors can take your ideas from script to screen. Please contact us today to find out what we can do for you.

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Smartersoft Limited

Smartersoft Limited has created a software and app business package aimed at start-ups and high growth potential businesses.

With over 42 years experience in Accountancy, Banking and Consultancy the MD of Smartersoft Limited has unrivalled knowledge and experience in these market sectors. He has advised well over a thousand businesses ranging from small owner managed businesses to multinationals.

In doing so he has raised over £1.6 billion in grant aided projects and helped create over 15,000 jobs and has considerable expertise in obtaining planning permissions for job creation projects.

Regrettably local businesses fail and few ever achieve million pound levels of turnover. It does not have to be this way as our MD has taken over 300 businesses to million pound turnover success.

Smartersoft Limited will provide a FREE initial consultation for all NBV Members.


It is the mission of TCB Training Services LTD to provide clients with high quality, high value and engaging health and safety training. Our aim is to deliver training courses that the delegates, not only remember, but also are so pleased with, that they recommend to others. We understand how boring classroom based courses such as first aid and driver CPC can be, so we aim to get the candidates engaged and involved in the classes as much as possible for maximum knowledge retention. In time, we aim to be the first name in health and safety training and hope to take the stress out of organising these classes. Courses include:

First Aid at Work
Emergency First Aid at Work
First Aid at Work
First Aid at Work Annual Refresher
Emergency First Aid at Work for Drivers
First Aid at Work for Forestry
Paediatric First Aid
Driver CPC

Furthermore, we also appreciate what a logistical nightmare arranging for staff to leave work to attend these courses can be. To help with this, we have recently added a range of e-learning courses to our website, that are accessed through one’s web browser and can be completed at the learner’s own leisure and can even be done in the comfort of their living room!

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Veram Vitam Ltd

Our mission:

‘It is the fundamental right of each and every one of us to live and deepen true fulfilment through peaceful warm expression of understanding towards the self and others.’

Yohko Hatada:

Founder and Director of Veram Vitam Univ. of Oxford Ph.D. Evolutionary Developmental Neuroscience Academic research internationally at Univ. College London, London, UK; Columbia Univ. in NY, US; INSERM in Lyon, Fr; Japanese Patent Office, Japan; Japanese National Policy Secretary for MPs.

Expert on Cognitive Neuropsychology, Neuro Modelling, System Science, Plasticity, Adaptation, Development of Identity/ Politics/Human Civilization, Future Society, Ecology, Evolution, Symbiosis, Integration, Unification. Sakya Tibetan Buddhism.

What do we do?

Service company [Veram Vitam]: We help finding Individual’s own “Calling” (secular meaningful true life-career development) and live true life; We provide seminars, workshops, coaching, consulting.


Life Coach, Business Leadership. Research institution [EMLS RI: evolution of mind, life and society research institute]: Research on Future society integrating individuals’ quality of life, psychology, culture, technology, science, business, politics, economy, international relations, human civilization and the global symbiotic evolution. Innovation and Development of the best programmes from the researches into the above services.

Our service:

To find what you really want to do in your life! e.g. the most important Value, in your mission. = your “Calling” Then, to do “your own true calling” as life-work or mission by your “own method” of “self-science and practice” developed with yourself. Finding own calling is not so difficult, it is actually seriously enjoyable. The key is you need to know how to sense and communicate with yourself. Then, you become connected to the true self. After then you develop yourself by yourself, autonomously. You become the own master. The key is to re-cognize what you have really wanted to do as your “Calling” in your life.

Who benefit?

What will you be after our service? Our service benefits anyone who identifies with, or wonders about, the following: What do I really want to do in my life? If I could do anything I want to, what would that be? What is my “Calling”? I feel something is not right for me. I feel tired with my life. If you wonder on those now, YOU will connect to the truest self. This will be the most important project in your life. Company:


Veram Vitam Ltd.



Tel: +44 (0)7446 145 987

+44 7446 145 987