About the Programme

Evolve Digital EM

Evolve Digital is designed for leaders of small Family Businesses seeking to explore how digital technology can enhance their business to improve productivity and create a sustainable future. This online programme provides business leaders with the leadership capabilities required to explore the potential that new technologies may bring to their business, to remain competitive and meet the needs of the next generation.

The programme will be delivered online (approx 10-12 hours per month for 3 months) and will provide you with the tools to:

  • Create a strategy to future proof your business
  • Prioritise areas where digital technology can transform your business
  • Undertake a project in your own business, to test out new digital ideas and accelerate digital adoption
  • Gain leadership skills and confidence to drive change and create competitive advantage

This programme forms part of a national research study which will inform evolving UK government policy on the needs of small family businesses. Designed by Lancaster University Management School, delivered locally by NBV Enterprise Solutions and fully-funded by Innovate UK and Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS).

What’s Involved:

Successful applicants will be randomly allocated to one of two offerings. Business leaders will either take part in an online interactive cohort, where they will benefit from being part of a peer learning group with sessions led by business experts or they will have access to an online platform which hosts a series of practical materials, including toolkits, relevant articles and other information, which take them through a self-directed learning journey to evolve their business.

Get in touch:

For further information about Evolve Digital, please register your interest and one of the team will contact you as soon as possible. If you would like to apply today, please complete the online application form.

View the Programme Guidance Notes:

Identifying digitalisation opportunities

Establish where value is lost in the business and identify where digitalisation can enhance and add value.

Digitalisation in action

Develop a sprint project to test ideas and break down barriers to adopt digital technology in the business.

Leading towards technological change

Develop a change management framework to engage staff in implementing digitalisation.

Setting the strategic context

Explore technological/digital futures and identify your current business direction towards digital technology. Develop strategic objectives to drive digitalisation for your business.

Benefits to Business

  • Practical content delivered online (approx 10-12 hours per month for 3 months), designed by leading academics and business experts
  • Develop your leadership capability to ensure your family business evolves and is future proofed for the next generation
  • Identify where digital technology will evolve your business to be more productive
  • Increase your confidence to make better business decisions and improve your competitiveness
  • Help inform evolving government policy on the needs of small family businesses

Costs & Eligibility

This programme is fully-funded by the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) and available to eligible businesses;

  • Small family business
  • From any business sector, employing between 2 and 50 people
  • Business has been operational for at least one year
  • Participant must be family member/owner of business
  • Early stage of digital adoption

To discover more about the programme, please get in touch with us.

How Evolve Digital has benefited a family business:

Read more about the benefits here: https://www.lancaster.ac.uk/lums/business/sme-programmes/evolve-digital/#d.en.467980