Business Details

Business Name: Capella Bookkeeping

Industry: Bookkeeping


Capella Bookkeeping ( was launched in 2014 by Lucy Brown.

Based in Louth, Lincolnshire, Lucy decided to contact local business support organisation NBV Enterprise Solutions to help her ease her way into self-employment.

Lucy’s background is in accounts and finance, having worked for a major corporate bank. After she was made redundant in 2006, she took a bookkeeping course and completed her exams.

Lucy said: “Although I had no intention of starting my own business at the time, I took my exams as I wanted a contingency plan to fall back on.

“I was then made redundant again in 2013 and I decided that the time had come to pluck up up courage and start up on my own.”

She furthered her training and took several exams, eventually being certified through the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB), and now holds a practice licence through their organisation.

Previous to this, Lucy had come across an article in the local paper about NBV. Cutting it out, she pinned it to her notice board and forgot about it.

She called the number and arranged a meeting with business adviser Natasha Travis at the NBV offices in Louth.

“The one to one sessions I had with Natasha helped me build my confidence and channel my thinking, Lucy continues.

“It has helped me find ways of financing the growth of the business and helped me find routes into local networking groups and build contacts.”

Natasha gave Lucy advice and support on data protection, pricing and marketing while booking her onto a Sales & Getting Customers Master Class. She said:

“Lucy already had the skills and knowledge to become a Bookkeeper; she just required the reassurance that she was doing everything right and some small encouragement to make it happen.

“Lucy was keen to engage with the local business community so we explored various networking opportunities she could tap into.

“Additionally, Lucy was keen to attend the Master Classes to up-skill herself further.

“With a combination of research and her pro-active attitude she embraced her new venture which I have no doubt will go from strength to strength.”

When asked about the early days of trading she said: “Finding the first client was a tough experience, but within three months I have signed up 3 clients and am in the process of signing up a fourth.

“It is important to persevere and forge ahead with determination; you’ll get there in the end!”