NBV Biz Ex Membership

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The average yearly value of benefits available to Biz Ex Members is £845 giving you a ROI of over 400%

“Having a mentor has been invaluable, he’s a nice guy with bags of experience – a real asset”

John Morley


Biz Ex Event, Nottingham

“Becoming a Biz Ex member was an easy decision.  As a new business, NBV offered the type of support that we needed to help establish our business.  The free networking events have enabled us to make great connections with people who are facing similar challenges to us and whose businesses can help ours, and vice versa.”

Elaine Martin

Long Eaton Hub

I’ve enjoyed being a Biz Ex member and have recently renewed to continue enjoying the opportunities that membership affords. Not only does it offer the more traditional options for networking but the range of member benefits are invaluable and being able to access the press contacts, advertising mediums and email list that NBV has is a great opportunity for any new business looking to develop and grow

Danielle Thompson

Spinning Plates

Biz Ex Event - Ridgeway Marketing

“I have found my membership with NBV to be invaluable from the moment I joined. The networking opportunities have been well attended and professionally organised with fantastic food options. When I was invited to a Biz Pitch I was pleased to get the chance to talk about my business. I expected to get a few warm leads but actually got a new client on the day! I look forward to developing my business with the help and support from the lovely people at NBV.”

Victoria McDonagh

Victoria M Consultancy

Nottingham Biz Ex Event