RA Detailing, a budding automotive detailing service based in Spalding, has swiftly carved a niche for itself in the local market. Specialising in top-tier automotive detailing services, RA Detailing caters to a diverse clientele, ranging from car enthusiasts to businesses looking to maintain their vehicle fleets. With a commitment to excellence and a passion for perfection, RA Detailing embarked on a journey to elevate its services and expand its capacity with the support of a grant administered by NBV funded through UK Shared Prosperity Fund.

Established just four months ago, RA Detailing has quickly gained traction in Spalding and its surrounding areas. Led by Ross Anderson, the company prides itself on delivering superior automotive detailing experiences tailored to each client’s needs. With a mobile van equipped with cutting-edge tools and products, RA Detailing brings its services directly to customers’ doorsteps, ensuring convenience and quality.

Upon the recommendation of NBV’s Business Adviser Abdallah Twahir, RA Detailing applied for a grant to fuel its expansion project. The project aimed to enhance the company’s infrastructure, invest in advanced equipment and technology, and provide comprehensive training to the team to elevate service quality. With a clear vision of enhancing its operations and exceeding customer expectations, RA Detailing secured the grant to kickstart its ambitious venture.

With the grant approval in hand, RA Detailing wasted no time in procuring essential state-of-the-art detailing equipment. Here’s how the grant funds were used:

High-Performance Pressure Washer: This equipment revolutionised the cleaning process, enabling RA Detailing to achieve unparalleled results in vehicle exterior cleaning, wheel detailing, and engine bay maintenance.

Air Compressor: The addition of an air compressor added versatility to RA Detailing’s arsenal, powering pneumatic tools for precision drying, debris removal, and delicate cleaning tasks.

Cordless Car Polisher: This advanced polisher provided freedom of movement and precision in paint correction, polishing, and protective coating application, ensuring flawless finishes on every vehicle.

Air Compressor Gun: The air compressor gun complemented RA Detailing’s detailing process, facilitating spot cleaning, dust removal, and surface preparation with ease and efficiency.

The grant has catalysed a transformation in RA Detailing’s operations, positioning the company for future growth and success. With upgraded equipment and enhanced capabilities, RA Detailing can deliver unparalleled results, improve operational efficiency, and boost customer satisfaction. Furthermore, the grant has enabled RA Detailing to differentiate itself in the market by offering premium services backed by cutting-edge technology and expertise.

Future Development Plans:

Looking ahead, RA Detailing is poised for further expansion and development. The company plans to introduce new services, strengthen its online presence, invest in marketing initiatives, and forge partnerships with car dealerships and businesses to tap into new markets. With a clear roadmap for growth and a commitment to excellence, RA Detailing is set to cement its position as a leading automotive detailing service provider in the region.


Are you interested in finding out more about the support and grant RA Detailing accessed, then contact NBV on 0844 887 2568 or email enquiries@nbv.co.uk