Small Businesses have been widely acknowledged as a crucial component involved in rejuvenating and rekindling economic growth in deprived areas. However, without the correct support and resources, many of these ventures fail in the early years. The influence of human capital has been evidenced by many previous scholars in relation to business early survival. What do we mean by the phrase Human Capital? Human Capital refers to the skills, knowledge, and experience possessed by an individual or population, viewed in terms of their value or cost to an organization or country.

Studies that focus on a general link between human capital and entrepreneurship may not always be applicable to deprived areas because such areas have specific conditions and contexts, such as lower education levels and higher unemployment rate, as well as financial and environmental issues.

Get involved and influence small business success

Trent University PhD student, Yuxi Zhao, aims to investigate the influence of human capital on entrepreneurship development in deprived areas. The investigation will be divided into two parts, including a resident survey (i.e. questionnaire) and subsequent in-depth interview. The survey mainly aims to explore the influence of neighbourhood on individuals’ entrepreneurial intentions, whilst the interview will focus on investigating the role of human capital in entrepreneurial intention and business early survival. The investigation will comprise:

  • The questionnaire will be given out by hand to those individuals who participate in entrepreneurship training and events. The participants include potential entrepreneurs who intend to start businesses, nascent entrepreneurs who are staying in the pre-stage of entrepreneurial progression, and actual entrepreneurs who are operating at least one business.
  • The volunteers will be contacted to engage in subsequent in-depth interviews for further investigation.

If you are interested in participating in this investigation, you can directly contact Yuxi Zhao by either of the means below:

Telephone Number: 07809 230 335