We recently spoke to Travis Speake about his business start-up journey and this is what he had to say…..

Can you tell us a little about your business?

Elemental Landscapes are a landscaping company based in Lincolnshire. We offer all aspects of hard and soft landscaping including a service which provides our customers with a 5-star garden renovation. Currently the business has a hard-working support team. As our business expands, we will continue to add to our workforce. We also pride ourselves in being as environmentally friendly as we can and aim to keep improving this over the years.  We also offer a bespoke customer service including the ‘Elemental Package’ for our clients – this is an additional range of benefits. Our aims are to continue and develop the product / service range we can offer clients. This will increase the value of our services and enable us to employ more staff to deliver this. We pride ourselves in our uniqueness which is shown in our current planning of community / voluntary projects in Romania. We are passionate about giving back to the community. Our future projects include funding trips to Romania to support the community bettering their living conditions for example in orphanages. This passion grew from watching my grandparents follow similar footpaths to support the Romanian community. Currently we are planning to undertake this trip by June 2023.

What led you to take the plunge originally and start your own business?

My journey in landscaping began in June 2021 at the age of 19 years.  Previously, I gained 3 years’ experience, skills and knowledge when employed by an established Landscape Company in the Lincolnshire area.

During my apprenticeship I gained a Level 2 NVQ qualification. I was in a fortunate position to have this opportunity; and with the skills and knowledge I gained I started my own business in Landscaping.

How did you find out about the support on offer from NBV?

I found NBV through a recommendation which led me to John Owens, my business adviser. I can absolutely say he has been a positive experience in my start up and his advice has been invaluable in my early business experiences.

I was initially attracted to NBV after speaking to John over the phone. Our discussions included him advising me of the advantages NBV had to offer in assistance to the growth of my business. I was impressed by the support he could offer my business and was eager to explore these opportunities further with NBV, especially after Johns initial professionalism.

After five months of following John’s advice and encouragement he has already supported me in the successful completion of a Business Start-up Loan to help support Elemental Landscapes initial financing. This is primarily around acquiring initial equipment for the business.

How has business support helped your business grow?

Having a business adviser has developed my understanding of all the legal requirements and operating processes of running a successful business. John is always approachable and provided me with constructive feedback which was positive for my development. For example, looking at achievable timeframes and misquoting which was detriment to the business.

Asking questions has broadened my horizons. I can explore career aspirations and how best to achieve this tailored to my business and its success.

I continue to develop my skills and knowledge. Each work opportunity supports my development including any challenges I may be faced with. Working with John and talking to him about all the intricacies of the business has been an integral part in my professional development and overall business plan.

What are your plans for the future of the business?

What have been the memorable highs and lows of your business journey so far?

I am really enjoying having the freedom of running my own business however I am now acutely aware of the challenges this can have. The extra responsibilities which come with being a business owner can at times impact negatively on having a balanced work/life.

Do you have a great business idea you need help getting off the ground? If you’d like to follow in the footsteps of businesses like Travis’s, contact NBV today to see how we can help you make your business dreams a reality.