Business Overview:

Wolds Running is a burgeoning enterprise offering bespoke online and face-to-face running coaching, complemented by sports massage services. Located in Belchford, Lincolnshire, Wolds Running caters to a diverse clientele seeking tailored training plans aligned with their fitness levels and goals. Founded in January 2024, the business is on the brink of a significant marketing campaign set to kick off on April 1st.

The journey towards launch for Wolds Running was greatly facilitated by the guidance of John Owens, NBV Business Adviser whose recommendation led to the successful acquisition of grant funding. Recognising the pivotal role of technology and branding in launching the business, Wolds Running applied for a grant administered by NBV funded through UK Shared prosperity Fund to procure essential resources. The primary objectives included acquiring a laptop for streamlined client management and adopting professional signage, branded clothing, and a massage table to enhance service offerings.

With the grant secured, Wolds Running swiftly invested in the necessary equipment. A sturdy massage table now stands ready to support the sports massage services, while the acquisition of a dedicated laptop empowers the utilization of specialised training plan applications such as Training Peaks. Additionally, the incorporation of professional signage and branded clothing enhances the business’s visibility and credibility, crucial components for attracting and retaining clientele.

The grant has helped to kick start this business by providing access to vital resources at the outset of its journey, the business is poised for accelerated growth and sustained success. With these foundational elements in place, Wolds Running can operate efficiently, deliver high-quality services, and establish a strong brand presence in both online and face-to-face domains.

Looking ahead, Wolds Running harbours ambitious goals for expansion and service excellence. By the end of 2024, the business aims to cultivate a robust client base of running enthusiasts benefitting from personalised coaching services. Concurrently, Wolds Running seeks to establish itself as a premier destination for sports massage, targeting a weekly booking volume of 15 sessions. Through strategic marketing initiatives and continued commitment to client satisfaction, Wolds Running is poised to realise its vision of becoming a trusted authority in fitness and wellness within the Lincolnshire community and beyond.

The story of Wolds Running epitomises the transformative power of grant funding in empowering small businesses to realise their aspirations. With strategic investments made possible by the grant, Wolds Running is primed for growth, equipped with the tools and resources necessary to thrive in a competitive market landscape. As the business continues to evolve and expand its offerings, its journey serves as a testament to the profound impact of strategic support in nurturing entrepreneurial endeavours.

For Wolds Running, the future is bright, fuelled by innovation, dedication, and the unwavering support of grant funding initiatives.

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