Dayglo Books have been a client of NBV’s for several years, attending workshops and taking advantage of tailored business advice, all of which helped and supported them throughout the early stages of their business development. A recent intensive period of development within the company has now brought to fruition a series of very exciting developments for Dayglo Books who are based in Kimberley, Nottingham.

Dayglo Books are creators of unique books, tailored to the particular requirements of dyslexic readers. With a total of 22 titles published, and two more in production, Dayglo is enjoying providing dyslexic people with a range of reading material to suit all ages and tastes at affordable prices. Sales for this small publisher look set to skyrocket thanks to Christopher Day (the ‘Day’ half of Dayglo), who has secured places for all their publications in Ingrams Catalogue who are an international book wholesaler, operating in 220 countries.

In recognition of their expertise and passion, The Duchess of Rutland at Belvoir Castle recently agreed to become Patron of Dayglo Books. Her Grace is dyslexic and now will become the frontispiece for all Dayglo’s publications, with a picture of the castle and a signed statement in every copy. Following on from this fantastic news for the company, it was confirmed that an affinity partnership has been set up with the British Dyslexia Association and Dayglo Books whereby Dayglo contribute a commission from every product sold to the British Dyslexia Association when a purchase is made from following a link from the Association’s website.

Dayglo Books are also happy to announce the release of two new books to their catalogue. The first will be released this April entitled “A Nottinghamshire Pit Man’s Story” which is an engaging first-hand account of life as a coal miner. This illustrated book is being published to coincide with the ending of coal mining as an industry in the UK. The book launch will be part of a Mining Heritage event which will be held in Eastwood.

The second of the two books will be released late May. Impact is written by 19-year-old Rebecca Constable (pictured in this article’s header image) who is a theatre design student at Nottingham Trent University. Rebecca was the winner of the City of Nottingham’s “Young Creative of the Year” award in 2016 and her book focusses on how dyslexia has affected her life. Rebecca’s publication will be a very special addition to Dayglo’s catalogue due to the unique way in which it will be printed. Dayglo have previously consulted with Prof. Arnold Wilkins of Essex University, who is an expert on the ‘visual stress’ caused by printing in black on white paper. Prof. Wilkins has conducted research for The Medical Research Council (MRC) on the use of colour to treat visual discomfort and perceptual distortions. Following his advice in this matter, Dayglo Books will be producing Rebecca’s title on a selection of five different tinted papers which will enable readers to choose the tint that works best for them. This printing, undertaken by local printers Russell Press, will be a world-first for printing to aid dyslexic readers. Dayglo hope to eventually extend the 5 tinted papers to all their books so that dyslexic people can have a choice.

It is great to hear that such a long-term client and friend of NBV’s are doing so well with their business. NBV wish them the best of luck with all future publications and congratulates them on their determination to make a positive difference to the lives of dyslexic people of all ages.

To find out more about Dayglo books, you can visit their website here:

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