Blogs are the new communication tool for businesses. They’re the perfect opportunity for companies to reach out to current and future customers, to spread their brand message and uphold their company message. The only issue with commonality of the blog is the scope for things to go wrong.

With so many blogs out there, it soon becomes clear who can and can’t. Today I’m going to share with you some classic blog mistakes and how to avoid them.

1. Your blog isn’t SEO optimised

SEO has become a buzzword in the recent years, but there is a fine line between being SEO obsessed and not paying it any attention. Optimising your blog for specific keywords related to your business is the best approach but don’t get too carried away.

2. Your blog isn’t collecting emails

Collecting emails is a fundamental of most websites. Communicating with current and potential customers is key to a successful marketing strategy. Email addresses are a precious commodity when connecting with customers and can be the difference between making a sale and struggling to meet targets.

3. You’ve published off-topic content

Every company has a purpose. It’s no good if a company that sells luxury hand-crafted soap and is a big believer in animal welfare starts blogging about social media marketing strategies. The content is irrelevant to the customers visiting the site. Off-topic content can be damaging to a blog and is likely to confuse website visitors.

4. Your blog isn’t connected to social media

Social sharing is one of the best ways for getting your content out there. By making it more difficult to share your blog posts on social media, you’re making it harder for your content to be seen. When it comes to installing social media sharing buttons, make them identifiable and easy to find.

5. You ignore blog analytics

On the one hand, don’t get obsessed with blog analytics but on the other hand, don’t ignore them either. Blog analytics are the only way for gauging how well your blog is doing. But analytics are also pretty important for telling you what doesn’t work and allowing you to steer your blog in a better-performing direction.

6. You rush your blog titles

Jumping the gun on your blog titles can be incredibly damaging. At the end of the day, they’re one of the most important aspects of a blog post – if the title is rubbish then people won’t want to read the rest. Spending a good amount of time on catchy, clickable, interesting blog titles is half the battle.

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