With everything out there for purchase, more and more business owners offer financing options for their customers. They want your business, and they’ll offer you a way to make that happen. How do you know if financing is right for you? Is there a time it is perhaps your best option? The following are some things to consider so you know when financing is the right option for your situation.


Is It a Need or a Want?

When you wonder whether to finance something, you might start by considering the difference between a need and a want. If you absolutely need something and you don’t have any other way to pay for it, financing could be your best option. If you just want something for fun, you may not want to go into debt over it, but would rather save up and buy it when you’ve got the cash.

For example, if you have a car that works just fine, but you really want to upgrade to something a little more aesthetically appealing, that would generally be considered a want. Financing a new car based on the way it looks might not be a good option. If you work across town, don’t own a car and don’t have access to public transportation, buying a car might then be considered more of a need, and financing could be your best bet.


How Long Will the Loan Last?

If you are going to pay on a loan for something, consider how long the loan will last. Most mortgages are either 15 or 30 year home loans. When you consider how long many people live in their homes, financing is obviously a good decision. Something like solar panels that will last you a lifetime are another item worthy of financing.

If you are purchasing something else, such as a stereo for your bedroom, and you will have small monthly payments for the next ten years, it may not be worth financing. Your loan might outlast your stereo, making it a poor deal. You don’t want to be stuck in a permanent loan for something you are going to only temporarily enjoy. For example, solar financing is a temporary loan for a permanent fixture, but furniture financing could be a permanent loan for a temporary fixture.


What Is Your Credit Like?

Some financing options take a serious look at your credit history. If you don’t have a good history, you may not be given the opportunity to finance your purchase. There are some companies that give you the financing you need based off other factors, however, so don’t let this deter you too much from seeking the financial solutions you need to make a purchase that could benefit your situation. If you need to build credit, financing could also be a great way to do that.


What Other Financial Obligations Do You Have?

If you already have multiple other loans you’re paying on, you may not want to add another to your plate. It’s possible you’ll be able to make it work, but you might also struggle to get all of those payments made. If you have other financial obligations, you might want to wait to make another purchase until you pay off one of your debts. That will free up the monthly income you need to start making payments on this new financing option.

You should also keep in mind what your regular, day to day life looks like. Do you have health issues that regularly require costly health care? Do you have a special diet that requires more money than normal when you grocery shop? All of those types of factors can help you determine what kind of situation you’re in and if financing is a good option.


Should You or Shouldn’t You Finance Your Next Purchase?

When you take some of the aforementioned aspects into consideration, it will help you determine whether you should or shouldn’t finance your next purchase. It’s not always an easy decision, but when you know what’s best for your situation, it will feel better after you decide to make a purchase or not with the help of financing.

Article by Lewis Robinson: LJRobinson.crm@gmail.com

Lewis Robinson is a business consultant specializing in CRM uses and sales. He’s begun multiple corporations and currently freelances as a writer and personal consultant.

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