Lewis Quayle (left) and Chris Gueffier (right) are Relationship Managers with NBV and work with SME’s across the East Midlands to find the right kind of business support to meet the needs of the individual/organisation. They travel far and wide from busy town centres to vibrant market towns, meeting, networking and supporting the wider community.

Chris states: “Because the NBV head office is in Nottingham people often wrongly perceive us as just supporting Nottingham based businesses, but that’s not the case at all. We travel all across Derbyshire, Lincolnshire and Leicestershire meeting and helping lots of different businesses.”

If you’re a ‘wannabe’ entrepreneur NBV has a range of kick-starter business support programmes, for example, the ‘Starting in Business’ programme. This is a four-day training course which is aimed at people who would benefit from in-depth knowledge on how to become self-employed or start their own small business.

Lewis adds: “We also have a more intensive programme of business start-up advice, which is called the ‘Start & Grow’ programme. It’s designed to provide one to one support to those who are looking to start a growth business and who may require start-up financing to get their business venture off the ground.”

Funding support is often un-reachable as a new business, but we’re proud to say – we have it! The NBV ‘Grant for New Business’ supports start-up businesses who will be trading business to business. Chris states: “Think of this grant like a cash back scheme, you could spend £4000 on IT equipment for example, and we’ll give you £1000 back – no strings attached!”

Lewis adds: “We also have a Grant for Enterprise’, which is aimed at businesses who are already trading. But if you’re not eligible to apply for any of our grants, we won’t just say good bye to you. We want to help you, and will look at alternative options such as our Start Up Loans.”

Aneka Cann, NBV’s marketing and media content coordinator, states: “You could say that NBV is like a business supermarket – we have everything under one roof! From office space to recording videos in our media studio, we really can provide an all-round ‘big shop’ to our customers.”

Getting your foot in the door of an office is often on the wish list of a fledging business, but some rental terms can be too inflexible and expensive. NBV provides low-cost office space in two Nottingham locations, from a 1 person hot desk to a 7 person office; we can house your growing business. Chris adds: “Not only do we have office space, but we can also offer those who work from home a virtual office. It has all the perks of having a professional business address but without the monthly rental fee.”

NBV aren’t a big call centre, we have and always will provide a personalised service, and you won’t get a different person each time you seek support from us. So should you want to discuss what support suits your business best, Chris or Lewis are only a phone call or email away.

Website: www.nbv.co.uk

Tel: 0844 887 2568*

Email: lquayle@nbv.co.uk or cgueffier@nbv.co.uk

Photo by Andrew Greenstreet Photography.